Monday, December 22, 2008

Oh I can title these posts! (duh) More Still Life!

More Japanese dolls...not quite finished. The shower scene sparked another idea for a body of work...drips! I love the way things look behind wet glass; the way the background gets fuzzy and the water drops become these little distorted reflections. Hopefully there is more to come....

Some in-class paintings from Still Life 2. This class got me started on a body of work that I hope to develop using Japanese antique dolls and masks.

Here are a few paintings from Kevin Moore's class: Surrealism, Expressionism & Stylization. (say that 5 times fast) A really interesting class, and I finally got to experiment with some expressive animal paintings. There might be more in the works if I ever have the time. The horse and dog were more like quick studies done in class. The pregnant lady was for a project which was supposed to bring together 2 images that created a dialog. As a more traditional painter I'm glad I have this class under my belt to get me really thinking about what I paint.

Friday, December 5, 2008

From Studio Landscape this semester...I miss plein air!

Adventures in Landscape: By far one of the hardest subjects for me.

From Advanced Figure Drawing

From Quick Studies

From my first semester at the Academy.
Well here it is...I finally did it. Don't roll your eyes a blog is a big step for someone as anti-technology as me. But I finally caved (thanks Carmen & Kevin). Thanks for checking in and I will try to keep it updated with my current