Thursday, June 9, 2011

A pic that a kind passerby took of me plein air painting. (Bodega Bay) Oh how I miss California, a painters dream! Can't wait for my next trip home...but in the meantime I'll be studio painting in my air conditioned apartment in Florida. Don't know how artists paint outdoors here in Florida with the heat, humidity, bugs, and plain 'ole lack of anything to paint (it's FLAT here).

I'm resurrecting this blog after a long absence! Hopefully there will be more to come...I'm very rusty but I have to make a serious commitment before my skills completely vanish. I feel as though the knowledge is still there ( I can still hear my teachers voices in my head) but I need to work on the brain-to-hand connection. Here is a dog portrait I did out of curiosity, just to see if I can still do it. Which is kind of important since I have pet portrait business cards out on display at work!